Certified translation of transcripts

Translation of university or high school transcripts, in any language combination:

This type of documents are required to be translated when they are to be presented in another country or when these documents proceed from another country which language is other than Spanish and are to be presented in Panama. Said documents must comply with different requisites, like:

  • Authentication of the Dean or the Principal of the institution
  • Translation of the original documents

Most of foreign institutions require the transcripts to be translated literally, which requires the translation to be done as literal as possible, without interpretation or adaptation of the subject(s), based on where the documents are to be presented. Convalidations and the analysis of the subject, must be done through the course description, not by the subject translation.

Our translated documents keep the same format of the original transcript, this is also true for the translation of Diplomas and Certificates.

In addition, the names of the institutions, unless they already have a translated version in another language or a website where the name is already officially accepted, must remain in the original language and should not be translated.